A Week's Worth of Outfits

When you work from home every day (more common for a lot of women these days!), then it’s easy to fall into a rut wearing leggings and a big comfy sweatshirt.  (No judgement – in fact, we have some new extra long tall leggings about to hit, and I genuinely think they are my favorite leggings we’ve done yet so I’ve been wearing them a LOT prepping for the launch.)  But, I also know that the days that I force myself to level up with my outfit, I just feel a little more on my A-game during the day. 


Let’s be honest, leveling up can take a little more time and effort in the morning, which is not always helpful.  So sometimes I like out to plan out my week so I look good, feel good and don’t waste any extra time making it happen.  Actually, I’ve talked about this before and shared an OOTD planning template in a previous blog.  


Taking it a step further, I mapped out a week’s worth of outfits that are easy to put together and easy to wear.  As a woman simultaneously managing a toddler and work during the day, I need styles that are both attainable and comfortable.  All of these check those boxes. 


BONUS, many of these styles are currently marked down as part of our winter mark downs we just started!  If you haven’t yet tried any of our styles, now would be a great time to do so!  I think you’ll be blown away by the fit that we deliver.  As a tall women’s clothing store, we take elements like inseam, sleeve length and body length very seriously.  I’m 6’4” and you can see in my photos below how things fit me! 



I had a co-worker once tell me that she starts the week off super strong on Monday and then it just declines from there.  LOL.  NOT ME.  I’m more like a bell curve that peaks on Wednesday.   So this combination is perfect for me on a Monday: a heathered V-neck t-shirt, a black cardigan, black skinny jeans and animal print shoes.  If you’re feeling extra motivated, a contrasting hat is also super fun! 



By Tuesday, I’m closer to firing on all cylinders again!  And usually I’m feeling a little more creative in all areas so this look is a great match for my mood.  😊  This colorblock cardigan is such a statement in itself, and it obviously pairs really well with solid colors underneath.  But, have you tried layering them over stripes?  If not, you definitely should!  Our striped V-neck is what I used here. I added our faux leather leggings on the bottom half, along with some taupe colored booties.  Also a new hat I just got for my birthday. 




Let’s keep it nice and easy with jeans (our new Jackson midrise jeans in 34" & 36" inseams) and a simple sweater.  Plot twist – the simple sweater (the Adelle Sweater) has embellished puff sleeves (extra long even!!!)  to give it just an extra ounce of sass.  I went for animal print shoes on the bottom again because they are such a good contrast against the strong kelly green color of the sweater. 



I truly love a good cardigan.  As working mom, I go from running around with my daughter, to sitting and working, to back up, to back down, so layers are always the answer for me.  I feel like my temperature changes multiple times throughout the day and therefore a cardigan is key.  We recently got in these lightweight ribbed mock turtlenecks, and the grey looks so cute paired with the Spencer Cardigan!  Plus the sleeves on both the cardigans and the turtlenecks will possibly spark tears of joy.  



This is not truly a look that I would wear during the day, BUT it is something I love for a date night or meeting some girlfriends out for dinner!  A beautiful tweed jacket is a piece that I’ve wanted to have for a long time, so I was ecstatic when we added one to our collection this year.  I added our black lace cami (from 2019) and some cropped black jeans.  I actually DIY cropped these myself – you can visit this video to see how easy it is! 



After a cool gallon of coffee, I’m up and ready to do all the things.  Or maybe like half the things, depending on the Saturday!  But if it’s an errand kind of Saturday, then I would force myself out of our tall lounge pants and into an outfit that still combines comfort with a little more polish.  I’ve been a big fan of our Mix It Up hoodie since it launched, because of the neutral grey color and the weight of it.  It’s easy to wear with other colors (both under it and over it) and the raw edge detail just mixes it up a bit.  Hence, the name.  We still have a few units of our jean jacket left in a size small (that's the size I'm wearing here.)



If you are a person who goes to a place of worship on Sunday, the Brighton Tall Sweater Dress is a great choice for that.  It’s made out of the exact same fabrication as the green Adelle sweater, meaning it’s heavy duty.  The sleeves will make your heart burst and the bright red color is both cheery and gorgeous.  Easily paired with tall boots, ankle booties or heels. 

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