Our Concept

Amalli Talli is a small, family-owned business run by us, Amy & Alli, and we are two tall sisters who have experienced a lifetime of frustrations trying to find clothing that fit in the general market.  At 6'4" & 5'10" respectively, we both are considered to be tall, yet there are almost 6" of differences between the two of us.  Our proportions are different and therefore, our fit needs are different.  

So we decided to build a brand and a clothing line that recognized the various proportions that tall girls & women can have.  We aren't all tall the same way, so we focus on our garments fitting a range of tall girls and women.  We test samples on both of our frames to ensure that it works, whether you are closer to 5'10" or closer to 6'4".  Sometimes that means cutting an item in different lengths, so if you see a fit options called the Alli Fit - that's generally recommended for those up to 6'1".  And the Amy fit is typically recommended for those over 6'1".  It's important to us that the styles we produce truly fit a range of tall, so you can be rest assured we test every single sample on both of us before we sign off on it.  

We have always had a theory - and that theory was that if tall girls had access to clothing that matched the styles sold by other popular retailers with a fit that truly met their needs, it would have a profound impact on how they viewed their bodies and their self-confidence. If we can play a role for those in our niche to recognize the true blessing their height is, then we will have accomplished what we set out to do. 

When style + fit come together, it is truly life changing. 

(Amy + Alli, founders & co-owners of Amalli Talli)