Must Have Amazon Accessories

Many accessories were purchased in the making of this blog post LOL! This was literally so fun to put together because we haven’t done an Amazon specific shopping list before, and we are feeling the need to stock up on some new accessories!  Especially with all the new fun fall fashions starting to debut.  It's the perfect time to find the finishing details to all the new fall styles!

Our goal in curating this list was to find an assortment that gives everyone the fun on-trend looks of the season with affordability and convenience!  If you haven't ever shopped from Amazon for accessories before, we think you're going to be really excited by the options you can find there.   Camille especially loves getting her jewelry from Amazon because she feels like she loses earrings, rings etc all the time!  

We made sure this list would be as helpful and convenient as possible, so all of these accessories are available for Prime shipping and have a 4 / 5 star rating!


This year we are really loving dainty necklaces! We included a variety of layered necklaces, choker necklaces, and even a layering necklace connector. Camille found the necklace connector from a friend and thought the idea was too genius to not share. The connector is essentially a metal clasp with loop holes to attach multiple necklaces to. If you have a few favorite necklaces that you love to wear together, you need this accessory! It’s super helpful for keeping the individual necklaces separate and not tangled in each other around your neck.

Link layered necklace- Amalli Talli   
  Link layered necklace- Amalli Talli 
  Initial necklace- Amalli Talli 
  Lock necklace- Amalli Talli

 Lock necklace

Choker link necklace - Amalli Talli
  Layering necklace connector- Amalli Talli

                Layering necklace connector


Opposite to necklace styles, we have been loving the look of chunky rings right now! Stacking a few of these rings on one finger would also be super cute. The trend of having your initials monogrammed onto everything you own has evolved into just the first name initial on jewelry, and we’re here for it!  It's so fun!  The initial ring that we linked below has a lot of great perks to it: it's adjustable in size and it doesn't tarnish from washing your hands, applying lotion, etc.  All for a great price!  

Croissant ring- Amalli Talli 
 Chunky ring set- Amalli Talli
Plated statement ring- Amalli Talli 
 Initial ring- Amalli Talli
Silpada ring- Amalli Talli


This category was the hardest to narrow down because there were so many good options to include for cute bracelets! The bracelets in our list are an assortment of gold and silver, but if you are looking for rose gold there are similar styles available in that metal too. Most of the bracelets we picked out also come in more than just one metal color, so if you like the look of the style, don’t hesitate to follow the link to see all the color options! 

Tennis bracelet- Amalli Talli
  Mesh link bracelet- Amalli Talli
14k gold bracelet pack- Amalli Talli 
 Dainty layered bracelet- Amalli Talli
Dainty dot bracelet- Amalli Talli


Shopping for earrings can definitely be challenging if you have sensitive skin or sensitivity to nickel. Even after reading some reviews and picking the highest rated options, we feel like we have to say that reactions to earrings vary per person. We love the earring styles we included, and we hope no one has to deal with the backs of their earlobes getting crusty from the minerals in the earrings! 

Hoop earring pack- Amalli Talli 
   Dangle pearl earrings- Amalli Talli
Lightning bolt earrings- Amalli Talli
  Chain dangle earrings- Amalli Talli
Vertical bar earrings- Amalli Talli

Hats/ Hair accessories

Okay now THIS list could have really gone on forever. We’ve been seeing so many different hair trends on Pinterest right now -- it's so fun to mix it up! You can never go wrong with baseball caps or fedora hats, but we’re most excited to give you guys links to claw clips and other hair accessories that are making a comeback. The fun part about hair accessories is that they can really elevate a look and go with just about any outfit.  There's something for everyone, regardless if you are a hat person or not!  

Vintage cotton baseball hat- Amalli Talli   
 Buckle fedora hat- Amalli Talli
Claw clip for hair- Amalli Talli   
 Hair barrettes- Amalli Talli
Ponytail hair scarf- Amalli Talli


Including socks just felt necessary because most of you tall queens out there have big feet like us! Finding ~cute~ socks for women’s size 12 feet on Amazon was a little hard but we knew you guys would appreciate this! Bootie season is coming sooner than you think so we have ribbed mid calf socks in this list along with short socks for sneakers and no show socks for mules/ loafers too!

Ribbed neutral colored socks- Amalli Talli 
  No show socks- Amalli Talli


Short white socks for sneakers- Amalli Talli

We're just going to reiterate again how much fun it was for us to browse all the styles and put this round-up together!  We tried our very best to include as many different styles and aesthetics as we could, as well as a ton of different categories.  This would be a really great go-to list also if you are ever in need of any gift ideas for friends or family!

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