“Best Tall Jeans” by FabFitFun

October 2019 was a monumental month for us as small business owners. 


As anyone who has ever started or owned a business can attest to, there can be really intense challenges and steep learning curves that sometimes make it feel like it’s impossible to gain any forward traction.  In our case, one of those situations was trying to produce and launch our own line of tall denim.   We were not prepared for how hard of a feat this was going to be, we were experiencing devasting setbacks and constant challenges every step of the way.  It literally took 2 and a half years for us to finally push past all the barriers and be able to deliver the extra long jeans that we had always dreamed of producing.  When our final product hit the warehouse of October 2019, it was an unbelievable moment.  But the expression, “all good things are worth waiting for” was certainly case for us.  We were SO thrilled with the final product and almost immediately forgot about the struggle and setbacks along the way. 


When people ask us WHY we felt like it was so imperative that we design our own version of tall skinny jeans, our answer is always about the FIT.  Neither of us had ever owned a pair of jeans that we truly felt fit us comfortably.  In fact, we didn’t even realize how ratchet some of the fits were until we put on our final product.  During the extensive rounds of sampling (when I say extensive, I mean we basically sampled for 2 ½ years LOL) we did to perfect the fit, we had several “aha!” moments where we realized why other jeans were not so comfy.  The first of which we had was about the rise of many other jeans labeled as “tall.”  Many of the extended inseam jeans that are on the market are not *actually* designed to fit the proportions of a tall women herself.  Wait, what?!  But for real, it’s a TRUE STORY….hang with me!   Instead, they are designed on someone who is often 5’3”-5’5” in height while designing their standard jean.  Then to make it a tall version, they just add a few inches of length to the inseam without reworking the proportions of the rest of the jean itself.  Why is this relevant?  Well, let’s take it back to the rise that I mentioned.  A front rise measurement of 8.5” is likely going to hit a fit model who is 5’3” VERY DIFFERENTLY than it is going to hit me, who is 6’4” with a torso for days.  So, it’s not at all uncommon to see styles being marketed as a high waisted tall jean, when in fact, the rise of that particular jean is actually closer to a mid (or even a low) rise when it’s put on my extra long body.  


Let’s take it a step further …. not only do the specific rise measurements not always translate, but there is often times another issue with the fit of mass market tall jeans.  The “scoop” of the butt isn’t always reworked to fit the needs in that area, either.  You might not think that is a big deal, but if you feel like in the crotch area of your current jeans that it’s lacking just a little bit of space, then it’s likely due to the fact it was designed on a body who doesn’t share your longer proportions.  I legitimately cannot put on another pair of jeans anymore because I realized how much of a problem that has been for me all my life until now!!  


Here’s another mind-blowing fact that we learned along the way…. we have, at times, all been lied to about what the actual inseam of pants are.  Here’s what I mean: you go into a store, you pick up a pair of jeans that are labeled as a 36 inch inseam.  Seems simple enough.  BUT, it’s actually not uncommon for that pair of jeans to be a shorter length than the 36 inch inseam advertised.  We still aren’t sure why that happens, if it’s intentional or if it’s part of the margin of error that happens when mass manufacturing.  But it’s prevalent enough that it’s likely happened to the vast majority of us.  So as a result, we try on a pair of jeans thinking that they are an extra long length (for example, let’s say a 35 inch inseam), when in actuality they are closer to a 32.5” or 33” inseam.  It’s a problem because women assume they are a certain inseam based on the length that they are being told the pant is, versus the actual length of the pant.  Many women don’t know their true inseam because they judge it based on fit feedback they are gathering when trying on a pair of jeans.  If they try on a pair of jeans marked as 35 inches, realize it’s a few inches too short, then they determine that they must be a 37” inseam. 


That being said, we are actually delivering you the length of the inseam that is marked on the pant!  When you try on either our 35 inch inseams or our 37 inch inseams, you are getting every inch of the designated length!  We actually tell our manufacturing partner that if there’s going to be an error, to error on the side of too long.  Because then at least we can all work with that.  The last thing that we want to do is short you on any of inches you desperately need in a pair of pants! 


And quick sidebar to this discussion, it’s actually not uncommon at all for women to not truly know their measurements.  We often hear, “What is my inseam??”   To figure that out, all you have to do is measure the length from your crotch-seam to the floor (or top of the foot, if it’s a skinny jean.  More on that here.)  To see more specific information on how to get that measurement and other key clothing measurements in general, check out this post for guides and photos!!  


So all of that being said, we worked incredibly hard to design a fit for our tall women’s jeans that we believe best represents the needs of our niche.  The final product was delivered over two and a half years from when we decided to pursue producing our own line of extended inseam jeans.  To say that it was an emotional moment when the final delivery came into the warehouse is an UNDERSTATEMENT.  As dramatic as it may sound, bringing this line from concept to completion was filled with frustrations, anxiety and honestly some tears. 


Then the unimaginable happened.  Seriously.  We were notified that FabFitFun had included our Blakely Skinny Jeans in an article called “These are the Best Jeans For Every Height.”   We were chosen as one of the Best Tall Denim options!!  What?!!  It was honestly surreal and certainly not anything that we imagined happening, especially so soon after launching it.  Here’s what FFF had to say:


This brand is actually tall-girl tested to ensure the perfect fit. And these jeans are no exception as the design of the rise helps hold you in in the front and back. The cut of the leg also hugs and compliments every curve down to your ankles.


Beyond just FabFitFun, we have heard incredible feedback from many of our customers who have purchased the Blakely Skinny Jeans!  Here’s a few messages that we received right after launching them:


“I just got my jeans in the mail and **heart eyes emojis x 4**!!!  They are amazing!  I can’t believe I have a pair of jeans now that I can actually roll up and not have to hide in tall boots!!  These are a lifesaver!!  I will definitely be ordering more!!  Thank you so much for making these with actual tall women in mind, instead of just tacking on an extra inch and calling it good.” 


“Literally the happiest I’ve ever been with a purchase.  SO comfortable.  SO LONG?!  So SO cute.  Have worn them 4 days in a row not exaggerating and not sorry.  Great work, girls!!  Keeeeep em coming!”


“Thank you thank you thank you for creating denim that is actually met to fit these long legs of mine and a jean jacket that fits better than I knew one ever could.  Y’all are truly amazing and thank you for taking the chance on starting this clothing line.”


“First let me say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!  My entire life I have struggled with finding jeans/pants that are long enough, are comfortable, and fit me in all the right places.  Most of the time the jeans I would find were super expensive and honestly not even that flattering or comfortable, and NEVER came in skinny jeans!  If they did they were more like capris on me!  I just receive my order the other day and I could not stop talking about my jeans and leggings!  I am completely obsessed!  The fit was amazing, they were so comfortable and so reasonably priced!!!!  I COULD HAVE CRIED!!!! 


Reviews like that make our day, of course.  Our mission from day one of starting this tall clothing company has ALWAYS been to bring style + fit together and deliver a product that helps tall women feel their very best.  And to feel confident in their skin.  We were so thrilled with how the launch of our first few denim styles went and new are excited to continue adding new products!  We have some really fun styles in the works that we can’t wait to share with everyone!  In the meantime, if you haven’t yet shopped with us or tried our jeans before, you can sign up for our newsletter and receive a code to save 15% off your first order!!  Just head to our homepage to sign up! 

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