Our 2019 Gift Guides for 5 Different Lifestyles

Who else is literally OUT OF IDEAS when it comes to gift recommendations right now during the holidays?! Because SAME! It doesn’t matter if someone is asking me (Amy) for ideas for another member of my family or for myself (LOL), I’ve got nothing. So apologies to my family members who are expecting big things from me yet this season! But that being said, even though I’m failing on a personal level…..Alli and I had a blast putting together some ideas for other people out there in the world! 😊 Maybe there is hope for me yet!

So without further ado, here is our fun little gift guide for the holiday season! We have put together a list of ideas (not just from our line!) to help you either with your own self OR for the other women in your life. We identified five different lifestyles: the college student, traveler, working girl, stay at home mama, and non-fashionista. And then we curated a list of the best pieces for each!


In the colder months, make the trek to campus much more enjoyable with our cozy teddy jacket! Teddy jackets are one of the biggest trends for 2019 – and for good reason. Who doesn’t want to feel like a fuzzy blanket is hugging you all day long?! Our coat, made from a super soft sherpa fabric, will do just that! But don’t settle for just any teddy jacket – ours is designed with a better tall girl fit guaranteed to keep your wrists just as warm as the rest of you!

…Because you can’t wear sweats ALL of the time! (Sorry to be a buzz kill, ladies). We love our Blakely Skinny Jeans in Smokey Black wash because they are made from a buttery soft stretch fabrication - making them one of the most comfortable pairs of jeans EVER. You might even feel like you’re getting away with wearing leggings – meanwhile, your classmates will be SO impressed you put real pants on that day! Not to mention, they are such a great wash to dress up for a night out on the town (after you study, of course). Available in two inseam lengths – 35” & 37”. Cheers to that!

Other picks for college students:

Magnetic Fur Hood Liner

Shout-out to another Minnesota small business!! We absolutely love this concept of a magnetic faux fur hood liner to add some flare (& warmth) to your current coats without splurging on a new one.

Light up mirror from Vanity Planet

If you’re getting ready on the floor of your bedroom, you aren’t alone! But don’t settle for bad lighting. This LED Travel Mirror can be set up anywhere to give you the glow you need

Hydro Flask Travel Coffee Flask

Because in college, coffee > everything. Fuel those late night study session and early morning wake up calls with a travel flask that keeps your precious caffeine warm! Don’t take our word for it – this one has over 5k positive ratings on Amazon and comes in a ton of cute colors.


It should go without saying that an athleisure inspired outfit is the only way to go when traveling. Comfort is king – and we have the perfect bottoms for the job! With ribbed knee detail and jogger cuff bottoms, our moto leggings go beyond a basic black legging for an elevated look. No more sacrificing style for comfort; now you can have both! Best paired with sneakers and a cozy top for the best in flight experience. Available in a tall girl friendly length that accommodates up to a 37” inseam.

Oh, and speaking of cozy tops… have you been introduced to our knit cardigan? This one is available in two colors (grey + mustard) and is the perfect piece to layer over anything and everything in your closet. It’s also perfectly soft enough to snuggle up and sleep in while you travel – that is, if you can get comfortable enough to sleep while flying commercial (rare).

Check out this blog post for more great travel picks!

Other picks for travelers:

Toptote by Lindsey Albanese

If you’re traveling somewhere warm soon – take us with you!! And also, definitely think about snagging this BRILLIANT piece from Toptote. Luggage tags and bag clips that securely hold your hats while you’re on the go. So many fun designs and colors!

Swell Water Bottle:

We both LOVE these when we’re traveling to stay hydrated. Most airports now have fill stations (hallelujah) – staying green and saving yourself from the $9 plastic bottle upcharge. How cute is this flamingo print?!

Calming Essential Oils (Edens Garden)

Essential oils are a must for creating a more relaxing and calming environment when flying! Alli loves this small business that offers high quality oils at a super affordable price.


These gem colored tanks are as versatile as they are beautiful! For the woman who needs to get herself ready & out the door quickly, these make dressing a snap! They are long enough to wear untucked with pants, but also the perfect length to tuck into a skirt. Plus, they pair perfectly with all the blazers, cardigans and jackets she has.

A fabulous ribbed duster is another staple for the office-going woman. It’s a great weight that can be worn in every season, plus its neutral color allows it to be worn over just about any shade (including the tanks mentioned above!) And here’s the best part: the sleeves are long enough to make any tall woman jump for joy!

Other picks for working girls:

I Survived Another Meeting That Should Have Been An Email mug

The bane of every professional woman’s existence: the dreaded company meeting! But with this mug to sip her coffee and tea out of, you can bring a little humor to the situation to help her power through.

Compact Phone Charger

Sometimes outlets are just not readily accessible – and that’s where a compact phone charger is a beautiful invention!! This is a great idea that is functional, practical and probably not something she is going to think about investing in for herself.

MYO A5 Notepad & Planner

Help her stay organized with this super chic notepad and planner set! It’s a great design that allows her to contain all the essentials during the workday, including a notepad, pen, credit cards and phone!

Stay At Home Mama

Comfort and versatility are EVERYTHING for the stay at home mama in your life! And a well-fitting jean jacket is an absolute no-brainer when it comes to her wardrobe must-haves. Easy to throw on over everything in every season, she’ll get so much use out of this piece it just may shock you. Plus, the sleeves will probably shock her!

At first glance, our favorite crew neck long sleeves may seem too basic or boring to gift to anyone. But not so fast!! There is a reason these have been a best seller for months! It’s seriously the best fitting shirt, and with extra length in both the torso and the sleeves, it’ll immediately become a piece she reaches for every day (unless it’s stuck in the never-ending pile of laundry).

Other picks for stay at home mamas:

Couch Caddy

Okay this might look hilarious (I mean, we laughed when we saw it), but then we thought it was brilliant!! She has earned the right to keep her coffee & wine close-by and easily accessible.

Q&A A Day for Kids

This is such a cool way for moms to make memories and reflect on them with their babes. It’s a collection of questions that you ask them every day, for three years. And then you can see how their answers change over time!

Bath Bombs

Not only are these another well-earned luxury after a long day, but this particular brand was started by two young sisterpreneurs from Minnesota. She will love that she’s supporting young ambitious teenagers. And we love another sister team!


For the person who may feel intimidated by fashion, this sweatshirt is the perfect choice. It combines the best of all words, athleisure + style. You can be rest assured that she won’t be stepping out of her comfort zone, while also looking effortlessly put together. And the snowy-white color looks great with all the jeans & leggings she likely already owns.

Our quilted pullover is the last piece to launch from our line in 2019, but it's been highly anticipated by customers after we started showing sneak peeks! An easy to wear piece that looks great with jeans & leggings (plus is the perfect length to wear with both), it's sure to be a hit!

Other picks for the Non-Fashionistas:

Revlon Hair Dryer

This is one of Amy’s biggest obsessions in life – no lie!! She was completely incapable of drying her hair and having it look presentable until this contraption entered her life. It’s like getting a salon blowout everyday in your own home.

A Chic Clutch

A cute clutch is ….. well, clutch for any woman! For the girl who doesn’t love big purses, this is perfect for a night out to dinner or other events. And the design of this one is simple enough to mesh with any woman’s style. Plus, it’s available in a huge range of colors.

Packing Cube Set

This is also a great option for women who travel, but we both have packing cubes and they are life changing!! It helps keep everything together and organized in your suitcase. Can’t recommend them enough!

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