Dontcha Know - answers to your most FAQ's

Lots of random questions land in our social DM’s daily – where did you get those earrings? Will you be restocking this sweater? Where can I find snow pants long enough? On their own, these topics would make for a pretty mundane blog post – but if you throw them all together, they make a nice little hotdish of a post, if you will.

‘Dontcha Know’ is a new monthly series where we will be answering the most FAQ's we receive on social media! (Sorry, we couldn’t help but make a very Minnesota theme here. If you didn’t know, we are based out of Minneapolis!) Whatever you ask, goes! We’ll do our best to answer your questions and help our tall tribe out when we can.

We’d like to think that these posts will feel like the equivalent of grabbing happy hour with us – but over the internet & instead you’re nice and comfy on your couch. So sit back, relax, pour yourself some vino, and enjoy the scroll! Xo – Amy & Alli

1) Where did you get your layering necklace that you wore with the grey long sleeve?

These are two pieces I recently ordered from BaubleBar and I combine them for a fun layered look!

Burst Pendant Necklace

Twinkle Layered Necklace

Favorite Crew Long Sleeve in Grey with Baublebar necklace  - Amalli Talli fashion blog
PS - our favorite crew neck long sleeves are now restocked in all sizes and colors!

#2) Where can I find try-on videos for new arrivals?

You can find try-on videos on our Instagram page as part of our story highlight collection! There are video collections by launches with Amy & Alli - and there's also a highlight called 'Guest Try-On's' that allow you to see the pieces on other women of different heights and sizes!

Amalli Talli Instagram Stories for Tall Girls

#3) Any ideas where I can find a bridesmaid dress long enough?

We are definitely no bridal experts, but we did do a post on wedding dress designers / brands for tall women based on recommendations from our customers and followers! You might want to look into it to see if they also create bridesmaid dresses in their lines.

#4) Will you be getting more moto jackets back in stock?

Not this season - but don't worry, we plan on doing more styles next fall / winter season!

To re-cut an item, we must take into consideration two factors: the minimum number of units that we are required to make for a re-cut (often in the hundreds or even thousands) + time it takes to produce & ship to us. If we feel like the minimum is too high or the timeline will not work for the product (AKA we will receive it when the seasons change), then we don’t pursue a re-cut. This allows us to have the necessary resources to keep bringing on new and different styles, especially as the season change!

Along these same lines – in case you are curious . . . when items sell out in a specific size, it is also VERY difficult for us to be able to re-stock in that one size for the same reasons listed above. That’s why its best to be on our email list so you’re the first to know about new arrivals or restocks when they do happen – that way you can snag the pieces you want before anyone else does! You can sign up here.

Tall Knit Moto Jacket by Amalli Talli
We might be sold out of our moto jacket, but we have still have other cool styles on our site for 40-50% off! Click here to shop our winter clearance sale.

#5) Will you be making a dark pair of jeans without distressing?

We will be bringing on new denim styles this fall - stay tuned for more info!

... until then, we'll be bringing in other fun bottoms + shorts for the spring/summer season!

Did you know that we were recently named 'Best Denim for Tall Women' by Fab Fit Fun?

#6) Would you consider taking your long sleeve tops and making a maternity version?

We firmly believe that even though our favorite crew long sleeves aren’t “a maternity top” per se, that they would work perfectly for that baby bump! They are double lined with plenty of stretch and are also plenty long in the body. The only thing you might want to consider is sizing up depending on how far along you are.

If you’d like to see other styles of ours that work well during pregnancy, read this post!

#7) Can you re-share the trick to hanging sweaters so that you don't ruin them?

Absolutely! Click here to get the link. Truly a game changer!

#8) Where are your snow boots from?

We both love Sorel's for winter footwear! We wear a size 10 and a size 12, and each have several styles.

This is the pair we wear most frequently on stories and in photos - they are so comfy and cute!

This Teddy Jacket is now FIFTY percent off. Total steal!

#9) Where can I find a one piece bathing suit that fits?

This is for sure the most FAQ as of late – you all must be vacationing soon!! Unfortunately, neither of us have EVER had luck with one piece bathing suits so we stick to separates. #longtorsoproblems

With that being said, we recently asked our followers if they have had any luck with certain brands, and we received a ton of suggestions! BUT…we’re not going to share these with you until we’ve tested them ourselves. This is because we’ve fallen victim to a lifetime of ordering recommendations from other tall girls that still haven't worked for us. Proportions are key - if you have longer legs with a shorter torso, it's going to be easier for you to find one that works. The kicker for us is that we have incredibly long torsos, so this is an especially difficult mission.

Stay tuned - a new blog post is in the works. We are going to test the swimwear ourselves and will write up a review for you with our thoughts and opinions!

#10) Are the backpack purses sold out?

We still have a very limited number left here! If you want to see more detail on our favorite convertible backpack purse, be sure to check out our Instagram story highlights - look for the backpack icon!

Have another question? Don’t be shy! Connect with us on Instagram & Facebook. We'll be posting the top FAQ's on the next edition of Answer This, Link That!

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