Six Ways to Style Ribbed Long Sleeves for Fall

We just released our new tall ribbed long sleeves, so naturally we want to style them for you guys! Similar to our tall ribbed tanks, this tall top comes in a few color options. The six colors this long sleeve come in are Navy, Mustard, Light Grey, Hunter Green, Dusty Rose and Burnt Orange. We really wanted to show you guys how truly versatile this top was, so the six ways we are going to style should hopefully give you some style inspiration!

Navy tall ribbed long sleeve with tall medium wash jeans- Amalli Talli

Outfit #1- Navy

  • Medium Wash Jackson Jeans (Coming soon!)

Pairing navy with blue jeans can be tough if you are unsure on which washes to go with. We personally feel like any hue of blue jeans works, but our favorite combo right now is light/medium wash jeans with this tall ribbed long sleeve. The contrasting blues just give the outfit a little bit of a pop! 

If you are not convinced that mixing shades of blue is ~trendy~ a rule of thumb Camille goes by is make sure there is some sort of contrast between the blues. So for this navy tall ribbed long sleeve, aim for either end of the blue spectrum! 

Mustard tall ribbed long sleeve with tall camo print long leggings- Amalli Talli

Outfit #2- Mustard

Time to dig out your beloved camo print leggings if you snagged these last year! And if not, we still have a few left in stock!  These tall leggings are perfect for mixing and matching depending on what type of style you are going for that day- same thing for our tall ribbed long sleeves. The material of these leggings is stretchy and thick enough so you do not need to worry about them being see through when bending over. If you prefer to have some extra coverage over your booty when wearing leggings, our tall ribbed long sleeves are the best duo because of the extra length in the body/torso. 

Light grey tall ribbed long sleeve with long tencel joggers- Amalli Talli

Outfit #3- Light Grey

You may have seen this outfit before but it was so hard to resist! Joggers and a jean jacket are the best fall outfit (you guys will probably agree with that) but this outfit just got even better now that you have a lightweight long sleeve to layer underneath the jacket. If you're a sucker for details, you're going to love how the long sleeve kind of peeks out by the wrist area so you can see both layers and the rubbed texture under the denim!!

Hunter green tall ribbed long sleeve with tall knit moto jacket and dark wash jeans for tall girls- Amalli Talli

Outfit #4- Hunter Green

To be honest, ANY color of our ribbed long sleeve would be killer in this outfit, but something about this hunter green just looked fabulous with our newly restocked knit moto jacket. The fabric of our moto jacket is so stretchy, yet still gives a polished look of a leather moto jacket. Not sure if this is relatable, but Camille loves how the sizing of the knit moto works for leaving the jacket unzipped or zipped. It can be so frustrating to have to size up just to wear a jacket one specific way! Since this is our fourth time restocking this jacket, we’re pretty sure you guys agree!?

Dusty rose tall ribbed long sleeve with leggings for tall girls- Amalli Talli

Outfit #5- Dusty Rose

Our best selling color out of all six! Seeing you guys rave over this color made us seriously so happy. We feel like pink is always a hard color to get “right”. The real challenge is finding the perfect shade to complement all skin tones. This dusty rose color was the perfect pop of color this outfit needed. If you aren't feeling the color with this essentials active outfit, the light grey tall ribbed long sleeve is just the right color of grey to complement the grey essential leggings without making the outfit look like a groutfit. 

Burnt orange tall ribbed long sleeve with black button fly jeans for tall girls- Amalli Talli

Outfit #6- Burnt Orange

We’ve shown you casual and athletic ways to style the new tall ribbed long sleeve, so we're ending this style guide strong with the edgy outfit you've all been waiting for! Our black button fly Jackson jeans compliment the body of the tall ribbed long sleeve so well. This top is super cute tucked into our tall jeans if you don’t need all the extra length, and the top doesn’t even look bunched up by the waistband of the jeans! 

All six of the ribbed long sleeve tops can really be swapped out for any of these outfit ideas. The material used in this year’s version of our ribbed long sleeve is a little different from last year, but we couldn't be more thrilled with the fabrication. If you have our ribbed long sleeve from last year, you will notice a huge difference in the stretchiness of the material. There is more room in the bust area, so those pesky lines that appear from the shirt pulling too much should not be a problem! We have also heard great feedback that the shoulders are more comfortable too and not as restricted when moving your arms. We are just getting started on launching fall pieces, so get ready for some serious layering moments! 

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