Six Ways To Wear Our Newest Leggings

If you are the Pinteresting-type of girl and have ever seen or looked for outfit inspiration ideas around leggings, I’m guessing that about 90% of the images that you see include a faux leather legging!  The first time I ever saw them, I immediately wanted a pair.  I mean, get in my cart right this second!!  They are so cute and so chic.  But as a true tall-girl skeptic (who else knows what I’m talking about?!), I just assumed reading the noted inseams for various pairs that they would never work for me.  Along those same lines – camo leggings!  I see them every.where. and have never found a pair that went even 7/8 length on me.  Tall faux leather and tall camo leggings were just incredibly hard to find. 


And that made Alli and I super obsessed with finding a way to get them produced in the extra long inseams that we need.  ACTUAL tall leggings, if you will! That quest began over a year ago…..actually May 2019, if anyone wants exact dates, haha.  😊  To now be launching both of these styles this week is beyond exciting!! 


I think a lot of women are going to be curious about whether or not you can wear these to the gym or to work out in – and the answer is absolutely yes!!  They are made from a fabrication that does wick away moisture and they have four-way stretch.  So you can move and groove all you want in them, and they will do their job keeping the sweat at bay. 


We get a lot of messages that ask for ideas of how to wear things, so we thought it would be fun to put together a few different ideas for how to style these in early fall!!  These are very versatile (especially the faux leather leggings) so we may have to redo this exercise again in later fall/early winter when the temps really start to drop! 


Let’s kick it off with the Camo Style Leggings!

What we personally love about this specific camo print is that it’s in the dark blues/blacks family of colors.  They feel incredible and they look incredible – they have a foil print overlay on the fabric that just makes them feel super luxurious and very high end.  Plus, they are high-waisted which is just an absolute must in anything of the legging category.  The amount of stretch in them is incredible, so even if you are the deepest of the tall skeptic, I assure you these will meet your length needs!!  I’m 6’4” and they go for days and days!!


Look #1

Alli’s first look is truly athleisure inspired!  But when you need to get stuff done and need to be comfy (but still looking so cute!), this is an easy look to throw together.  She started with the favorite crew neck long sleeve in black and then added a puffy black vest to it.  Throw on a few light layering necklaces and your favorite tennies, and girl, you’re out the door!!   This is also such an easy fall-transition outfit, it almost makes us ready for fall.  Almost.


Look #2

Tall camo leggings for women

If you have our Mix It Up Hoodie in your possession, then you easily have outfit #2 for the camo tall leggings ready to go!  This hoodie is a great weight (not too light, not too heavy) which makes it an ideal for layering all year long.  Plus, it’s neutral and soft gray color palette is extremely versatile because you can put a million under colors underneath of it.  In this case, to tie it in with the darker colors in the leggings, Alli added a black tank top.  All that’s left is a pair of cute sandals for toes and again, you’re ready to go.  Or to sit right on the couch and binge-watch Bravo!.  Because this is seriously an ideal outfit for those kind of days, too.


Look #3

Extra long camo leggings for tall women

If you’ve been with us on stories at all over the past week, you know our obsession over these new heathered v-neck tees is real.  We just cut them in 4 colors and lemme tell you what, they are sincerely a daily staple.  Especially in 2020 when we don’t really have places to go all that often anymore.  LOL.  For this look, Alli used the heathered v-neck tee in white and then added another of our personal faves – the Hollis Jean Jacket – to layer it up.  It’s just another reason why we love the blue hue of these leggings because they vibe so well with the denim.  And, if you don’t have just a cute & fun pair of tennies to throw on with leggings and jeans, you have to get yourself some!!  You won’t regret it.  We both bought some this past year and easily one of our best purchases because we wear them all the time. 


Faux Leather Leggings

It is not that big of an exaggeration when I say, you can wear these a trillion different ways.  For me, I far far far prefer a faux leather look than just a basic black legging.  Because the foil print overlay just adds an extra element and touch of glam that doesn’t exist in a pair of basic black leggings.  It may not seem like a huge difference, but I think the difference is always in the smallest of details.


Look #1

Faux leather leggings for tall women

I call this ….. Quarantine Classy, LOL.  Part of the perks of this job is having samples to wear before the final run comes in, so this was a look that I rocked for many days in quarantine.  It’s Zoom friendly and still super comfortable, which is basically a mom commandment for getting dressed every day.  Especially in quarantine.  I threw on the heathered v-neck tee in stone blue and then added the ribbed duster (we have a few left here on clearance!).  I also added a little brown sandal to the bottom, this particular pair I found at J.Crew and snagged in a size 12. 


Look #2

Extra long leather leggings

I really stand by the statement that faux leather leggings are literally, and I mean literally!!, begging to be paired with a cool moto jacket.  They just work so dang well together!!  I included this knit moto jacket from our line last year because it sold out in about 0.4 seconds, which means many of you already have it!!  But good news for those of you who missed out – we are about to restock it again soon, so make sure to stay tuned and get signed up for our email list so you don’t miss out a second time!  You could easily add a black shirt underneath of the jacket to keep a monochromatic vibe happening, but just for a little color I decided to use our teal swing tank as the base layer, available here.  And then for a little extra edge, I threw on a pair of leopard loafers. 


Look #3

Extra long faux leather leggings for tall girls

One thousand percent, this is the most Amy of all the outfits.  Don’t get me wrong, I love every look and have personally worn them all.  But this one is genuinely my favorite because I tend to skew toward lighter neutral shades and being a toddler mom, easy to wear outfits.  The favorite crew neck long sleeve in grey is without question the shirt I wear the most on a weekly basis.  And again, you just can’t go wrong with the Hollis Jean Jacket.  To have a jean jacket that has sleeves that *actually* go to my wrist bones and actually cover my torso is something that was unknown to me until we launched this style.  Gamechanger.  If you’re a hat wearing kinda girl, add your favorite hat and again with your cute tennies (see why we recommend having them in your rotation 😉) and you are good to go!    


These leggings are both incredibly comfortable and snug without being way too tight.  They are an easy fit, and we definitely recommend checking out the size chart for both products before selecting a size.  The size specs noted are specific to the actual measurements of each garment (laying flat on a table), so they will be a great guide to help determine what your size is.  If you need help understanding how to take your measurements, check out this post.  We’ve also had a bunch of women in all different sizes wear these, so And the stretch on these is insane, so it doesn’t matter if you’re a 34” inseam or a 38+”, these got you.  We can’t wait for you to try them & be sure to tag us in your photos so we can them on you!!  <3 

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