You're tall, but your closet is small: 5 Amazon purchases that will help you cope

If anybody understands your small closet woes, it's definitely me. My husband and I purchased a home that dates back to the early 50's; it's so quaint and cozy, but the closet space is definitely lacking. When we first moved in, my wardrobe seemed overwhelming . There were multiple boxes of accessories on our dresser, my collection of Amalli Talli jeans raining down on me every time I opened the closet door, and shoes + hand bags alllll over the place... it was truly a hot mess.

If you know the real me, I'm a perfect combo of Monica Geller and Marie Kondo, so living in this kind of mess wasn't sustainable for me for long. After spending some time scrolling through Pinterest + Amazon, I found some really effective and affordable organization hacks that helped me greatly. I figured I probably wasn't the only one living without a luxurious Kris Jenner style walk-in closet, so I wanted to share some purchases I made that were a game changer. I hope you'll find these extremely helpful, too!

Here are the 5 things that helped me organize my small closet:

Accessory Organizers + Hangers

Maybe I'm alone on this, but one thing I can't stand is super clunky over-sized jewelry boxes. I think this is mostly because I hate having a bunch of clutter on top of any surface, like my bedroom dresser. I wanted to find a way to discreetly hide all of my accessories in my closet with my clothes. But the challenge was that I still wanted to have easy access to all of these pieces to pick out what I wanted to wear each day. It sounded like a tough task at first, but Amazon has so many great accessories hangers and organizers to help. Here are my favorites:

DIOMMELL 80 Pockets Hanging Jewelry Organizer for Women
I throw my statement earrings + bracelets in this 80 pocket hanging jewelry organizer. It's super sleek and works great in your closet!
Whitmor 10 Hook Accessory Hanger in Chrome
I use this accessory hanger for everything from long necklaces, to scarves, to hats, and belts!
I'm the queen of picking up cheapo pairs of sunglasses from Target - I threw this sunglasses organizer on an s-hook in my closet + it was a game changer.

If you have a dresser drawer to spare, these trays are also really great for popping in your dresser to hold earrings, rings + more.

Valdler Sackcloth Stackable 24 Grid Jewelry Tray Showcase Display Organizer
If I had a dresser drawer open, I would definitely utilize these jewelry trays.

Hand Held Steamer

Let's be completely honest here, I absolutely hate ironing. It's the worst task ever. What's even more annoying about it is the big 'ol clunky board you have to figure out how to shove into another closet if you don't want to look at it - which is again, difficult, if you have small closets and no room to spare. I finally ditched mine for this hand held steamer - which heats up in literally no time and does wonders for your clothes in a matter of seconds. If you invest in anything one thing, let it be this. You won't regret it.

Conair Turbo ExtremeSteam Advanced Handheld Fabric Garment Steamer
This handheld steamer is 1000% times better than ironing and takes up WAY less space.

Shoe Boxes

I tried more than once to order one of those "under the bed shoe organizers", but often times the slots in the organizers weren't big enough for my shoes - #tallgirlproblems. Not to mention I didn't think having to get on my hands and knees every morning to drag out this big 'ol bag out from under my bed was the best shoe solution - at least not for me!

I found these boxes on Amazon, and I am obsessed. They stack on top of each other so nicely in the bottom of your closet. You can also shove/stack non-seasonal shoes under your bed and then rotate back to your closet when the weather shifts. The only bummer is these are not a one size fits all solution - to maximize your closet space, you will have to buy different sizes for different types of shoes. I've linked the different sizes I use below:

Sterilite 16428012 6 Quart/5.7 Liter Storage Box, White Lid with Clear Base (Pack of 12)
These boxes are perfect for my flats, sandals, mules + low pumps.
mDesign Stackable Closet Plastic Storage Bin Box with Lid
These boxes are great for higher heels + booties.
Whitmor Clear Vue Boot Box
I haven't ordered these boxes yet, but they are on my list for my tall boots!

Bins + Baskets

Have a few ledges available in your closet? Adding some bins or baskets is a great way to keep things organized! These can be a catch-all for anything and everything. Fold up your blanket scarves, roll up your jeans/leggings, or toss your clutches and hand bags in these.

Cotton Fabric Baskets for Closet Shelves
These bins are the perfect height + length for my closet shelves.
Seville Classics Foldable Handwoven Water Hyacinth Cube Storage Basket
I also love the look of these woven bins.

Rolling Rack

To give my closet a little more breathing room, I rotate my clothes seasonally. It's super nice to be able to see what you actually have versus the struggle of them all being packed in together. I have to utilize some of our basement storage to accomplish this, but it's easy with a portable rolling rack. In the summer, I simply hang all of my heavy sweaters and long sleeves on this rack - and then rotate them back in when colder temps come back. If you have some extra storage space in your house, I highly recommend this strategy! It can be set up in another bedroom or anywhere, really.

Simple Houseware Heavy Duty Clothing Garment Rack, Chrome
This rolling rack is a best seller on Amazon.

Hope you found these tips helpful! Is there anything else that has helped you cope with a small closet? Leave your best advice below! - Alli

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