Our Vision For Fall 2019

Yesterday we launched the first phase of our Fall 2019 collection and it’s hard to even put into words how excited about it we are. It’s our largest collection to date and one that we have worked incredibly hard on. We did so many new types of styles for the first time under our own label and that always comes with a giant learning curve and I’ll be honest….a tich of anxiety. But those challenges are ones that we are so thrilled to get to take on! The full collection has a little bit of everything in it: tops, sweaters, basics, jeans, bottoms, jackets, etc. etc. And we are so proud of the all the pieces that we will be able to offer this niche of amazing tall women. It’s a very cohesive and fluid collection – we were super conscious of designing styles that work in coordination with other pieces so that you can get the most bang for your buck and put together a multitude of looks very easily!


So with that being said, we wanted to take a moment to peel back the curtain a little bit and walk you through our process + vision for the Amalli Talli Fall 2019 collection. When we start to think about a new season and the pieces that we want to develop for it, we always start with a giant collection of photos. We both have about a trillion pictures saved on our phones, on Pinterest boards and in Instagram because every time we see a piece or a vibe that we love, we make sure to hang onto it. Then we take all of those inspiration photos, print them out and put together a HUGE mood board. It’s fascinating to see the multitude of styles that we throw up there and that’s where serious deliberation and lots of conversation starts to happen. Every single potential style gets vetted before we determine what makes the cut and what gets cut. It’s important to us that we design pieces that are both fun but also practical. There has to be some great statement pieces along with a good mix of day to day pieces that are easy to wear. We are really intentional about striving for the right balance between the two.


If you could have seen the mood board for this season, one thing that would have really stood out was the number of “layered” outfits that were included on it. We had saved so many awesome cardigans and jackets – so that naturally started to shape a good portion of this season’s collection. And with that as our inspiration, we were off and running!

But here’s the thing …. Layering is a concept that can seem “so easy” when you look at an outfit that’s already perfectly put together online, but it can be a whole different thing when you attempt to recreate it on your own. At least for me (Amy), I have definitely felt the woes of trying to find pieces that actually fit and work together in a layered look. Pinterest can make these outfits look SO DANG EASY, but in my experience….it’s actuallllllllly pretty hard to find all the right ingredients to the outfit’s recipe. At least ingredients that work for my 6’4” frame. You know what I’m saying?! I feel like in my experience, I am left scraping together whatever I can find and then asking someone skeptically, “Does this work?!” When things in the general market just don’t fit you, finding all the cool pieces that work together is tough. Like really tough. That’s where I’m coming from when I say accomplishing a polished, layered look can be T.R.I.C.K.Y. I’ll even take it a step further and say that because of the limited options available to our niche of tall women, I’m willing to bet a lot of us don’t even feel like we know how to wear layers. And there’s no shame in that – I absolutely would have fit in that segment for many, many years! (Hand way up in the air!)

I say that to say, we knew it wasn’t adequate to just develop the cool cardigans and the funky jackets. Because what good do those pieces do if you don’t have the right mix of things that work WITH them!! If you are building a super cool house, you don’t want to put it on a super shaky foundation, right? That’s how we felt about this collection. Like a good house, it’s imperative that your closet is built on the right foundation of items that support everything inside of it. It just makes everything so much easier. Have you ever read an article that identifies the staple clothing items that every woman needs to have, only to think, “LOL…but I can’t find that in my length!” Because I for sure have. Just in the short 5 years since we launched this business, I have learned what a real game changer it is to have all the right staple items that actually fit because it takes so much work & strife out of getting dressed in the morning. I don’t have to worry about the whole “Does this work together?” thing anymore. That’s not a line of b.s. either – that’s legit from someone who has walked the path. It’s like baking a new recipe, if you have all the right ingredients in your cabinet, then all you have to do is grab what you already have and mix it together. BUT, it’s a heck of a lot harder if you have to google alternatives to certain ingredients because you don’t have already them sitting in your pantry. Literally same thing to getting dressed. That’s why we are so passionate about providing great foundation pieces that can be used in so many different ways.

Versatility is an important criterion that we use to judge styles on our mood board. How, where and why would someone wear this style are questions we always come back to and make sure we can soundly answer. The first phase of the collection that launched yesterday definitely has gold stars next to it for versatility and the ability to mix + match. As we all know, the transition from summer to fall means changing temperatures throughout the day. It can start off chilly, warm up to be a hot day and then cool off again at night. And for our girls in the south, we know you aren’t even close to experiencing anything chilly yet. So this first round that was released was put together with all of that in mind. We wanted great pieces that you can throw on together but also easily wear alone. There had to be classic neutrals but also some pops of color. All of these work together to help you layer like a true pro.


Click here the full collection of what was released yesterday. And for more information on the fit and feedback, please visit our Instagram page to see saved instastories of each of the items! There’s a saved highlight called Fall Launch 1 that features all of the pieces. Please feel free to send us any questions you have about any of it, we would love to help!


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