19 Crazy Interactions That Tall Girls Have Lived Through

If you're a tall girl, you've most definitely been the recipient of an odd comment or two from a complete stranger. We've all learned in time how to give our best reaction to the obvious "Wow, you're tall!" or stereotypical "Do you play basketball?", but sometimes there are still people that throw us for a loop. We asked our followers to write in and tell us about their most memorable #tallgirl moments - and they did NOT disappoint.


1 -

Random stranger at grocery store: You’re really tall.

Me: Yes, I am.

Stranger: Do you have a disease?

Me: Pardon?

Stranger: Do you have a disease that made you so tall?

Me: ………..

2 -

Stranger: Hi – don’t you feel too tall?

Me: umm……..

3 -

My husband the first time we met: You’re huge!! (it’s a miracle we ever started dating)

4 -

Stranger: How tall are you?

Me: 6’4”.

Stranger: No you’re not!! My cousin is 6’5” and I come to his belly button. *Aggressively grabs part of my body to measure* SEE! I’m at your ribs! You’re not 6’4”!

Me: But I am.

Stranger: No you aren’t!! My mailman was 6’11” and you aren’t anywhere near his height. My mom dated a guy 5’11” once and he was taller than you.

Me: Welp… seems like you know my body better than me!

5 -

Stranger: I’d chop off your legs to give me a few inches!!

Me: Why are you talking about mutilating my body?

6 -

Stranger: You make me feel small.

Me: ….. sorry?

7 -

Co-worker: Do you like being tall?

Me: Yes

Co-worker: Why? Because you like to intimidate people?

8 -

Little boy I babysat in college: How can you fit into cars?

9 -

(Me at 8 months pregnant)

Stranger: Oh, so is your baby tall?

Me: It’s hard to tell considering he is in a ball… in my belly….

10 -

Stranger: Wow, you’re so tall. I bet it’s hard for you to find boys being so tall like that. They probably don’t like that much.

11 -

Random man: I’m into adventurous sports. *looks me up and down with sleazy grin* You’d be worth the climb.

Me: I’m 6’1”, not Mount Everest.

12 -

I’m 5’10” but have average size feet. A man at a shoe store once asked me if it’s hard for me to keep my balance.

13 -

I was at a bar with friends, and a guy approached me to tell me how beautiful I was…. And then asked me for my eggs so he could make his own squad of Amazonian beauties.

14 -

I went on a blind date with a man who was supposed to be 6’3”, which is taller than me. We meet up and when he gets out of the car I realize he is about 5’0” even. When he saw me he said “Well, shit”. We went on one date and then I never saw him again. Bye, short stuff!

15 -

It was Halloween and I was dressed up as Cruella DeVille (I make a fantastic Cruelle, by the way). I was at the bar wearing a low cut black dress and it was quite obvious that I was feminine. A guy walked up to me, punched me hard in the upper arm and said, “Damn, you’d be hot if you weren’t a dude!”

16 -

Many years I was in a club and a man must have lost a bet because he approached me and immediately grabbed me in between the legs to check that I wasn’t a man. Because I was so tall they thought I was a transvestite. Needless to say my red wine went all over his head and white shirt.

17 -

I was ordering a sandwich at a deli last summer when an older woman walked up to me and said, “How tall are you? We’ve all got a bet going!” I turned around and her entire table of friends was sitting there staring at us expectantly waiting to see what the result was. “Are you 6’3”?! I guessed 6’3”!”

18 -

One time I was leaving the grocery store and putting my cart away when an older man was walking by. He stopped immediately and said, “WOW, you’re so tall!”. I just shrugged and said “Yep!” I continued to shove my cart into the corral, when I turned around and he was standing there. He made direct eye contact with me and said, “I think I’m in love with you.” I didn’t know what to do so I just stared back with a confused face – we had about 5 seconds of an awkward stare down until he turned and walked away.

19 -

My boyfriend and I were on a group tour, and at one point another man in the group got close to me and whispered, “Do you play a lot of Frisbee Golf?” I was stunned, literally never hearing the first six words of that sentence end with anything else besides ‘basketball’, so after I long pause I replied with a confused “No?” Then the man reassuringly patted my arm and said, “You’re going to be fantastic at it.” To this day, my boyfriend and I still can’t agree if the man was trolling on the basketball question us tall girls always get or if my destiny really is to be a Frisbee golf player.


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