What inseam is right for you, based on your favorite fall shoe?

Shopping for jeans is the demise of many tall girls. This is understandable since the average inseam length of a department store is around 28"-30". That's where Amalli Talli comes in. We carry jeans ranging from 34" - 38" in a variety of styles. *cue angel chorus* But because tall girls have never had consistent access to a range of options, they often get hung up on what inseam they should wear. Our instinct is to want to buy the longest pair available after a lifetime of sporting that awkward mid-calf length. But do you always need the longest inseam? The answer depends on your measurements and your personal style, including what type of shoe you often wear. Let us explain. First, let's be clear that we are not an advocate for high-water pants. We know you've been there, done that and you want jeans that work for your long legs. But there is a healthy balance between capri-looking jeans and jeans that are too long. When the length is excessive, you can end up with an overabundance of fabric around your ankles that bunches and looks, well... a little sloppy. So what inseam truly works best for you? Lets explore that question with our favorite shoe trends for fall!

Kitten Heel Mules

We love the simplistic elegance of a kitten heel mule. Not as intimidating as a stiletto but a little more playful than flats, this is a great way to ease into wearing heels. Because of the open-back concept, you'll want to make sure that you have jeans that fully cover your leg, down to your ankle bone. To measure your true inseam, check out this article.

Tall Girl Straight Leg Jeans with Kitten Heel Mules


Booties are the key to every girl's heart in the fall, but they are a little trickier to navigate when pairing with jeans. You'll want to measure the height of your booties in your closet. Are most of yours short or tall? Take the average height and subtract that number off your beginning inseam measurement. You want to ensure that your jeans are shorter than the height of your booties for a more crisp, put-together look. It's ok if they are slightly longer - this can be fixed with a cuff or roll at the bottom of your jeans.

Skinny Jeans for Tall Girls with Booties


Ahhh, the most comfortable shoe in your wardrobe. They are getting a revamp this fall with embellishments and fun prints, like leopard. For the best looking length, follow the rules of the kitten heel mule by finding your true inseam.

Tall Girl Skinny Jeans with Flats


Dad sneakers are the big trend for this fall, but that's one trend we admittedly just cannot get behind. Luckily for us, all types of sneakers are still in. Thank you, athleisure. Like booties, you'll want to figure out the average height of your sneaker collection. Do you have mostly low-cut sneakers, or are they slightly higher cut? Take that number off your inseam length for the perfect jean pairing.

Distressed Skinny Jeans for Tall Girls

Sock Booties

These are definitely the high-rise sister of traditional booties. For that reason, you will A) need a super skinny style of jeans, and B) need them to be above your ankle. Also, jeans with a no-frills hem work the best. If you have a straight leg style or a jean that is too long, it makes it very difficult to tuck into the sock bootie. This style of shoe will definitely show excess fabric, and trust us when we say, it does not look good. Take your inseam measurement and subtract 2" for the perfect sock bootie length.

36" inseam skinny jeans

Chunky Heel

Many versions of this popular style for fall are designed with some sort of ankle strap. We love to show off that detail, especially with a fun hem. For that reason, you'll want to again measure the height of the shoe and subtract that number from your inseam.

Distressed skinny jeans for tall girls

Tall Boots

The inseam possibilities here are endless! The beauty of a tall boot is that you can wear whatever length you want, because nobody can see :) This shoe has been a gift to tall girls for years, LOL. You'll just want to make sure that you're able to tuck everything in without any excess fabric showing through. This will depend greatly on the calf width; these can come in loose styles or more fitted. If you are wearing a more fitted style, length will be more important as bunching fabric will distort your ankle size.

Tall Boots for Tall Girls

The lesson here is this: don't be scared to diversify the inseam lengths in your jean collection. It's nice to have a little variety so that you can feel confident and look put-together in all of your outfits. If you are normally a 37" inseam, it's totally ok to have a pair of 35" or 34" jeans to wear with taller booties this fall. We promise they will not look out of place or awkward with the right pairs of shoes on! 

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