Why this $44 piece has the best ROI

Does this sound familiar?


You discover the most adorable skirt or must-have jacket that actually fits, so you snag it and are so excited to bring it home and start wearing it. You think to yourself that it’s going to be such a cool piece that you wear allllllll the time!!! But then, after it’s out of the bag and in your closet it suddenly feels much more difficult. This piece that you envisioned being so easy to wear is anything but easy. Instead of it effortlessly working with things in your closet, nothing looks quite right with it. You try it on a million times but always end up taking it off and ultimately wearing something else. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve walked this path…

Blame it on the shopping woes.

But I also feel like this is the normal plight for us as tall women and girls. Historically shopping has been nearly impossible and usually the most luck we would have would be to find an odd item here and there. But never a full set of items that were designed and intended to work together. So as a result, we wind up with disjointed closets that we all piece together the best we can. But nothing really all works together so getting dressed or putting together the perfect look is a challenge. I also think that maybe being a jaded shopper has caused me to get OVERLY excited when I see a fun statement piece, so I think that’s a must have item because they feel so hard to find and then I undervalue the basic items that seem a little less fun at first glance. But I’ve learned the last few years that there’s a better way to evaluate clothing options!!


And it’s because of this epiphany and change in mindset that we launched a fall collection that is all about building a closet that works together to bring you a multitude of looks. When we started working on our mood boards to put our collection together, one type of item that we were both very passionate about designing was a good lace camisole tank. They are such a fun twist on the basic cami and extremely versatile, but nearly impossible to find in the proportions that we as tall women need. As we talked through the rationale for each piece to decide what we wanted to move forward with in production, the idea of a tall lace cami easily made the cut.

Why proper basics really are important.

I, for one, have been known to buy all the amazing cardigans and jackets and then S.T.R.U.G.G.L.E. mightily with the right items to wear underneath of them. My graphic tees were good for one look, but the key to getting your money’s worth out of an item is to be able to rewear it time and time again but also create different looks from it. This is where the concept of layering tanks is so critical. So back to the lace cami – this is a piece that I couldn’t wait to add to my own personal wardrobe because I knew how much easier it was going to make my life when getting dressed. That’s the thing about stocking up on great fitting basics, knowing you have all of those at your fingertips literally makes getting dressed in the morning SO MUCH EASIER. You don’t have to do the infamous routine of trying on 8 things under your jacket only to determine that they all look too short or frumpy and then end up frustrated and defeated. That’s what took me way too long to realize!!! That I needed to invest in a collection of basics that don’t pull at your heartstrings the same way a perfectly fitting moto jacket does, but are essential in helping you love your perfectly fitting moto jacket even more!! These basics are critical and serve as the foundation of your closet that everything else works from.

If you find yourself debating about what the right look is under all your favorite sweaters or jackets – that’s a sign you aren’t probably aren’t stocked with the right basics in your wardrobe!

And FIT is everything.

And before we delve into all the different looks that just 1 basic cami tank can provide you, let’s talk about the fit of our lace cami compared to other popular retailers out there. Because let me tell you, it’s insane!!! And please do not interpret this as a knock on any other brand because it’s not intended to be one at all. But we are always speaking to how each brand determines their “fit” based on who their customer profile is and typically it’s on women significantly shorter than our tall girl niche. So we can’t take it personally if their fit model is 5’3” in height because obviously nothing designed on a 5’3” woman is going to fit someone much taller the same way!! It doesn’t make those retailers wrong – it just means they are targeting a different customer base!! So with that being said, here’s a few of the BODY LENGTH of lace cami tanks by other retailers:

  • Nordstrom BP Brand: 14.5”
  • Free People: 12”
  • Lulu’s: 18”

Many other brands didn’t actually list their length, but suffice it to say it’s probably in the ball park of these, if it wasn’t made specifically for a tall body!

How does that compare to ours, you ask? I’m so glad you asked….

The body length of our Amalli Talli lace cami is 27.5” (taken on size small)!! We were very intentional about developing a length that worked equally well untucked as it does tucked because again – it needs to work both ways to get the maximum wear out of it! And it’s available for less than $50, which makes it a small investment for a whooping ROI!

Let's see some styling inspiration.

I’m going to end this post with a visual collection of all the different ways you can wear a lace cami! As you’ll see below, there’s no shortage of settings where you can wear yours because they are perfect for the office, a night out, church, and even just your day to day routine! They are both feminine, flirty, polished, dressy and casual!

We would love to hear your favorite way to styles yours!! <3


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