6 Clothing Styles & Tips If You Struggle To Find Tall Maternity Clothes

*Post Update April 2020: 

Since this post was originally published, our business has really taken off and our styles are ever-changing. Although we still don't produce maternity specific styles (yet), we updated each of the links in the post to take you to our tall Maternity Friendly collection, which is full of tops, bottoms and dresses that have been tested and loved by our fellow tall expecting mama's! This tall maternity collection is continually updated as new styles come in. If you'd like to view the collection, you can click here to shop! There are a few other links in this that may help you find some styles that will work during this time!  

We also know all too well the struggle of swelling feet. If you are looking for new shoes in larger sizes, you can check out our Amazon shop, where we link cute shoes up to women's size 12!

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When you can't find maternity options that work for you, here are 6 general tips that worked to keep my nearly 6'4" frame clothed during my recent pregnancy.

We get a TON of requests to produce maternity clothes in tall sizes from women frequently and truthfully, that is the motivation and inspiration for this post. As someone who has a now 1 year old daughter myself, I totally 120% understand WHY we are asked about it as often as we are. It’s tough, it really, really is. Tall maternity pants (including jeans) tend to be available in inseams that still don’t really work for a majority of tall women. And knowing that, every time we respond, my heart aches a little bit because I totally know the struggle and have walked the same path. Just speaking from my own experience, the moment things start to not fit how you are used to them fitting, you kinda hit the panic button a minute because it’s not like you can walk into a maternity store and say, ‘I’ll take all of your tall maternity pants in 37” inch inseam length, please.”


It’s work to find tops that are long enough to not only cover your extra long torso alone, but then also with a growing baby bump as well. To be honest, I attempted some maternity shopping because I wanted to learn and conduct a little market research while I myself was pregnant to know how big of a need there is. I was shocked that even maternity length tank tops were really not all that long. Not helpful! Which probably begs the next question, “So why not start producing our own tall maternity wear?” And the good news is, we really do have plans and goals to add tall maternity options someday or as soon as we can. So future pregnant tall girls…..we’ll be there for you down the road! But why not now to solve the immediate need? Truthfully, it’s for a few reasons.  As a small business who is still relatively young, we are first focused on expanding and perfecting our standard tall product line.  We feel that is critical before we branch out and start to take on specialty items, such as maternity.  There are so many lessons to learn every time you tackle a new product type, and we just aren't quite ready for the maternity challenge.  For as many tall maternity requests as we get, we get many requests for other types of tall styles, as well, and we are trying to quickly chip away at the list of what all of our customers would like to see.


That being the case, I wanted to share some tips that helped me through my recent pregnancy as a 6’3 ½” tall woman.  This strategically got me through pregnancy, because the few items that I tried on from a maternity section didn’t even come close to working for me. Unfortunately I wasn’t thinking ahead enough to snap pictures of my pregnant self in most styles, but they really were my tall maternity lifesavers.

This extra super duper long cami got me through my entire pregnancy.  This was taken the morning of my C-Section.  
As did the crew tanks. (PLUS- how 'bout that Gold Medal from Rio, huh?!)
I personally felt like it is more flattering to wear a fitted style over the bump (versus something flowy), and so this was part of my daily uniform.  I’m guessing you already have thought of these and you’re likely wondering, but WHERE do I find those that are long enough?  What I wore was equivalent to a style like this.  I’m telling you right now, if you don’t have something like this in your closet….RUN and purchase as many as you can.  You will thank me later, I promise!!!  (Plus, they become really nursing friendly, if you opt to nurse post-pregnancy!).  They are going to serve as the foundation of your wardrobe for the next several months.  Another tip would be to do a search for a scoop neck tank dress.  They are generally made to fit very tight (like a bodycon style), but generally they work as a beautiful tunic length tank for tall women.  Click here for an example of what I’m referring to! 
Are we noticing a theme with the “fitted” concept, LOL?   I stand by the fact I feel like it’s more flattering!!  Anyway, I’ll cut to the chase, if you need an extra long women’s t-shirt that will fit over your bump: try these.  They are our favorite women’s tall crew long sleeve tees and they will be one of your favorite items whether you need it for maternity or not.  We had a similar style when I was pregnant and it was enough to work with my growing tall bump.
Before I dive into this, I know this may or may not work for everyone. But it worked really well for me in my pregnancy so I feel compelled to include it in the list as something to try. In the event you cannot find tall maternity jeans in your necessary inseam length (as I could not), the next best option may be to find a jean style that has a TON of stretch to it and then size up a few sizes. I found a few good pairs of 37" inseam jeans and then sized up about 3 sizes. Even if you can’t get them buttoned normally, this is a good route to go with the hairband trick or incorporating the belly band. Trust me, the more elastane or spandex that’s in the fabric mix, the happier and more comfortable you will be. That photo you see of me above wearing a gold medal – that’s exactly what I was doing in that photo.  And I was 8 months along at that point. 
I gave up on trying to find a tall maternity legging that would be long enough for my inseam.  So the tip I referenced directly above?  Did that here too.  Stretchy and elastic waists are your FRIEND.  In fact, they were about my only friend during that time, haha!  The trick HERE is that the tall leggings not be made of extremely thick fabric.  Anything that gets too heavy and thick won’t stretch as comfortably as something made from a lighter fabrication.  Not to spoil the surprise coming this fall, but we will have new pairs of amazing leggings that will be launching and ladies I’m telling you --- they will work for this little trick!!
Here’s the thing, you do not have to worry about trying to wear these buttoned up. Throw them over the tops from bullet point #1 or #2 and wear them open! It’s so cute and really so easy to throw on. Within our collection, here are a few choices that I would recommend. The other benefit is that these are styles that you wouldn’t have to size up in, meaning they would likely still work for you in the post-pregnancy chapter.  Also here’s the thing, I don’t care if it’s a maternity need or not, find ones that fit your overall body well.  Make sure they are long enough in the torso and in the sleeve length.  Because if not, you won’t get as much usage out of them and truly it won’t be money well spent.
I opened and closed this list with my most favorite styles from my pregnancy. I know that dressing for work as a tall pregnant lady is the hardest task, and it was a little different for me because I wasn’t in a corporate environment with a strict dress code. I know women are dying for some tall maternity pants for work, but that being said, do not forget about the versatility of a long skirt. I think a lot of women reserve their maxi skirts for casual wear or even just for the summer, but that’s such a mistake. They are a great option year-round and pair beautifully with cardigans, jackets, etc. so there’s no reason they can’t be office-appropriate.  Plus, just being real with you …… skirts and dresses were at least a thousand percent more comfortable ANY DAY of the week than pants ever were.  You are doing yourself a disservice if you don’t incorporate a tall maxi skirt into your wardrobe during this time. 


There, in a nutshell, is what got me through my 9 months of pregnancy. Without any other maternity styles that were long enough for my legs or my bump, this is truly all that my wardrobe comprised of during that time (Alli can vouch as my witness, ha!). But actually, once I put this pregnancy capsule together – it made getting dressed super simple every day. I think the basics are what’s most important because then you can add to them with styles that aren’t necessarily maternity specific. And by the end of my pregnancy, I had whittled this down to basically just the tanks and the maxi skirts because they were the most comfortable. Plus, if you have the lovely swelling of the ankles that happens at that stage, the maxi skirt hides it all! 

 And PS – congratulations to all the tall mamas and mamas to be out there!



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