6 Winter Outfits for Women Needing Tall Maternity Styles

I know from first-hand experience that one of the most challenging parts of shopping for tall women is to find clothing that works on a tall frame with a pregnancy bump. I had my daughter in 2016 and lived it myself. The struggle was real real. I tried on so many “maternity” tanks where frankly the length was so inadequate, basically it was what I needed sans pregnancy, so with an actual bump they didn’t come close to covering my needs. And honestly, it’s still one of our most requested categories to add to our line. We get messages from women all the time asking us if we have considered doing it. And I don’t want to over promise and under deliver here, but we are actively trying to learn more about it to hopefully tackle soon. The truth is, designing for maternity is a whole different ball of wax than just our regular line so we want to take some time to make sure we are doing it justice.

All of that being said, there were some tips and tricks that I used to get me through my first pregnancy and I go more in depth about those in that first blog post (click here to read it). One of the best things that I discovered was that many of our items still actually worked for me, even at the end of my pregnancy! So even though they were not maternity specific, we add so much length to the bodies our shirts, they are longer than most maternity styles you can find in the general market. Because of that, we always try to keep a section of our website called “Bump Friendly” updated with those styles that we know would work best for our tall pregnant girlfriends. 😊

But sometimes we know that it’s hard to see a style on a non-pregnant body and be able to visualize it working over a bump. So we put a call out on social media to find a few kind and gracious souls who were currently expecting to help us out with this blog post. And wow, within like 30 minutes we were flooded with requests from people who fit the bill!! Thank you so much to everyone who volunteered to help with this!!! We connected with the first two women who responded to us and asked them to shoot some photos of specific outfits that we sent to them. It actually worked out perfectly because they were at different stages in their pregnancy, which is what I was secretly hoping for! By the way, this was the first pregnancy for BOTH women!! So a huge congratulations to both!!

**Also, we wanted to make sure to mention that many of these styles are currently part of our winter clearance sale!! If you don’t have them yet, this is a great time to consider snagging them as they are up to 50% off while quantities last!! Not only will they work for you in your pregnancy state, but they will all be still awesome styles to pull out next year.

Meet Lauren

Our first gorgeous model is Lauren (6’2”) and at the time of her shoot, she was 15 weeks pregnant! She is typically a size medium in tops.

Button Back Thermal

The first style that Lauren is wearing is our button back thermal! We have this particular top in two colors, both the black that she is wearing and also a very pretty olive green. But as you can see, this is a great option for pregnancy as well because the body length works great! And the back button detail is a fun little addition for some extra personality!

Swing Tank with Ribbed Duster

Our teal swing tank is designed to be very boho-ey, so it has a little extra length and a little extra “flounce” (as Alli likes to say!). Both of those elements (the length and the swing at the sides) come together to make it an excellent maternity option. Not only is it great yet for the winter months layered under your favorite cardigans and jackets, but it will also be an excellent piece in the spring and summer when temps go up! And every pregnant lady knows it’s important to find a way to stay cool!! The ribbed duster is such a classic piece that is also great year-round. It pairs over EVERYTHING.

Striped V-Neck with a Knit Cardigan

Okay y’all, unfortunately we only have a size XL left now in the striped v-neck top. BUT, if that size could work for you then I would definitely recommend snagging it because it will absolutely get you through your pregnancy!! Look how easily it accommodates Lauren’s bump. And again, a collection of great cardigans and jackets are a staple always, whether you’re pregnant or not. But I just love the look of a fitted shirt over the bump with a cardigan over the top. So easy and flattering!

Meet Laura

Our next beautiful model is Laura and she was just over 33 weeks pregnant at the time of her shoot! She stands at 6’1” and would typically wear a size large in most styles!

Favorite Long Sleeve Crew Neck

& Hollis Jean Jacket

Don’t anyone panic …. because at the current moment it looks like our favorite long sleeve tee’s are out of stock. BUT good news …. a huge restock is actually about to happen!! And with an additional color added to the mix! Look how well it accommodates her bump!! It's literally the perfect length and fit. Plus, a jean jacket is a perfect layer to throw over the top, for all times of year! But the reason I feel SO strongly about a good jean jacket for pregnancy is because of the body length of ours!! When you wear styles that are cropped or a little too short, a pregnant belly has a way of making it look even shorter than it is. The body length is always an issue for me with any other jean jacket that I’ve ever owned, but ours is cut with extra inches to cover our torsos!

Mock Turtle Neck Sweater

The body of this sweater was intentionally cut a little longer than some of the other sweater styles we produced this season, so it again works really well over a bump. And if you are in desperate need of some fun pops of color for your pregnancy-friendly styles of clothing, this is a great addition. Although tanks and cardigans are an easy look to pull off during pregnancy, sometimes you just crave something different and this is a good option for those days!

Twist Front Tank & Knit Cardigan

Honestly, I’ve contemplated before whether we should rename this tank top the “maternity” tank because the body length is so so so perfect for a bump. It is really a tunic length tank top and has a cute little twist-front detail at the bottom hemline. But it’s going to comfortably hug your bump and cover it, with room to spare. If you are expecting, this should absolutely be in your closet!


Thank you again to our two amazing models for putting in some work to help us out with this post!! If this concept is something that many of you find helpful, let us know and we can try to make it a regular thing with all of our new collections!! And a special congratulations to Laura, who since taking her photos for us, has welcomed her sweet little baby boy to the world!! <3

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