The Best Denim Shorts for Tall Girls

As you guys already know, being a tall girl and shopping for jean shorts can be an absolute nightmare. In fact, jean shorts just may be the most difficult and stressful thing to find as a woman who extra height. This summer was our first attempt at launching jean shorts for our niche specifically and we are already pumped to think about doing more!! Because there are so many issues that make jean shorts harder for us to buy, that also meant there were many components we had to incorporate into our jean shorts to make them truly fit for the varying body types of a tall woman- go big or go home right!? It took what felt like countless samples and trials to get to the final product, but that is to be expected because we were really blowing up what the denim industry believes to be the perfect fit (as we usually do, LOL). But we are so thrilled with how the fit of this pair turned out!!  We really relate and understand the struggles of fit and functionality in tall girls clothing, since we've experienced them all firsthand ourselves. That combined with hearing what struggles so many of you have had all helped us in making what we believe to be the best shorts for tall girls. 

We are also very proud of these jean shorts accommodate Jen, Camille, Alli and Amy’s different heights and inseams all in very flattering ways. This is because of the dedication that was put into perfecting the scoop of the shorts, the grading in the length, and the extended rise in the tall shorts. 

Let’s break the fit down:


We wanted to recreate the look of the jean shorts that are so popular right now, but add just a littttttttttle more length to it!  So for that reason, our jean shorts are a 4” inseam.  It still gives that cut-off vibe, but with just a little more coverage.  For the girls out there that are sick of constantly adjusting their shorts in the front or pulling them down to avoid a cheeky moment, these jeans are the best tall jean shorts for you. We added extra length in the front and back as well so the rise of the jeans aren’t awkward. No more wedgies!


We always hear that women love the stretch in our tall jeans, so that is exactly what you’re getting with these new jean shorts. It was super important for us to maintain the feel of our jeans within our shorts for consistency with our sizing too. With 4” jean shorts, stretch makes or breaks how comfortable you feel in the shorts and that directly translates into how confident you feel wearing them! 

Blue wash tall jean shorts- Amalli Talli



In addition to accommodating long torsos, we also made some adjustments to the scoop of the tall denim shorts. To be honest, the scoop was the hardest component to get right. For reference, the scoop on the jean shorts is how curved the front and back of the short is that lays against your thigh. With that being said, the scoop in jean shorts is to blame for any wedgies you have to deal with. Jean shorts that don’t have a scoop will cut straight across your thigh, ultimately making for a very cheeky moment in the back as well. The scoop of our tall jeans extends the length of the shorts to avoid these moments, and also make you feel more comfortable in age appropriate “short’ shorts!


Often times, jean shorts do not accommodate longer torsos, as we talked about when we launched our jeans.  What the general market considers a "mid-rise" can be closer to a "low-rise" on many of our torsos!  Our tall girl jeans were designed to fit long torsos by giving extra length in the front for a proportional higher rise both front and back, so the waist hits in a comfortable spot and you aren't constantly tugging them up in the back!  

Tall denim shorts for tall women- Amalli Talli


As if these jeans couldn't get any better, they also pass the maternity vibe check! Alli sized up two sizes for maternity comfort and absolutely loves the way they fit. The jeans definitely have some stretch to them, as you can tell since she is in her third trimester and the waistband is a normal jean short waist band. The stretch is not dramatic, but it does really work for your changing body as well. We just have to say again how accommodating these jean shorts are for many tall women.  

Tall jean shorts maternity- Amalli Talli


And now that you're in the know about all things fit-related, Camille put together a few looks on how we would style them from day to night with our tops for this summer!

Style Inspo:

Blue wash tall jean shorts-

 Look 1: Our Floral Pleated Blouse effortlessly compliments these jean shorts! Having a lightweight long sleeve blouse in the summer that doesn’t feel like a plastic bag is truly a blessing!  And also ..... SLEEVES that hit where they should!

Blue wash tall jean shorts for tall women- Amalli Talli

- Look 2: You can't go wrong with either color in our Short Sleeve Surplice Top, but Camille’s favorite is the light grey color paired with black accessories for a night time vibe!

Wrap blouse for tall girls with tall girl jean shorts- Amalli Talli

Black Wash tall jean shorts-

- Look 1: Keep it cool in our Tall Swing Blouse! This outfit can also transition into night time as well, especially with an updo to show off the detailing on the back of the blouse!Black wash tall jean shorts- Amalli Talli

-Look 2:  She’s biased because she’s obsessed with our Smocked Peplum Top, but pairing it with the black wash shorts is the ultimate summer fit! 

Smocked tank for tall women and denim shorts for tall women- Amalli Talli



Since we launched our tall jean shorts last week, we have already received tons of messages that really touched our hearts. We strive to make each and every one of you feel comfortable in your height and confident that you DO look good in whatever you want to wear! Some of the messages we received were so related we just had to share.

The best jean shorts for tall women- Amalli Talli
Best jean shorts for tall girls- Amalli Talli
Amazing jean shorts for tall women- Amalli Talli


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