How To Find a Wedding Dress Long Enough for Tall Girls

A couple weeks back, someone sent us a DM asking for some help and recommendations because she was struggling to find a wedding dress long enough. And I can’t even believe I’m saying this, but I was beyond fortunate to have almost no issue at all finding one to fit this tall girl body (as was Alli). At basically 6’4” tall, I realize that’s a major victory. Yet, neither of us could remember the lines our dresses were from, plus they were both from a small local boutique in St. Paul, so basically we were both absolutely worthless, haha! BUT, we were not about to stand by and not do everything we could to help our fellow tall sister find the dress of her dreams, so we decided to put out a call for help. We asked our Amalli Talli Instagram followers to weigh in with the brands & best tips that helped them to find success. And man, did they all answer the call for a fellow tall girl in need!! It was awesome to watch answers pour in and so many of them were repeat answers, which meant they were tried, tested and proven. A goldmine of information like that had to be saved, so we decided to create our Wedding Dress for Tall Girls Resource Guide.

Do Your Research

We also decided to tap into an expert for some valuable advice. We reached out to the team at Bridal Accents Couture in Burnsville, Minnesota who recommended doing some research beforehand to try and find a shop that will allow you to order your gown with custom length versus buying extra materials to achieve it. For example, Bridal Accents Couture has a designer on staff that does custom lengths. And the good news is that it might not be as spendy as you think it can be! As of today, their designer charges $200 and then a $50 custom fee – and as we all know, that is money well spent when the alternative is a gown that stops at your ankle bones! If you are local or can easily get to the Twin Cities, it’s worth your time to connect with our friends in Burnsville and see how they can help you!

If you aren't local to the Twin Cities area or that’s not an option for you, don’t be dismayed! There were plenty of other lines that people vouched for, and truly for a range of heights. What we’re going to do is simply list them out below, along with the specific feedback that came in with the brand recommendation! We also wanted to point out that several lines were recommended more than once, so we didn’t necessarily include all of the different notes for each if they were similar in message.

Justin Alexander Bridal

One follower noted that she is 6’3” & bought her gown right off the rack because it was the perfect length.

Stephanie Allin

A British line that allows special ordering for extra length.


A great option for affordable custom made wedding gowns.


The designer is a tall girl herself & designs her dresses based on her own frame.


Another option for custom fit gowns.

Anna Campbell

An Australian designed line, but several boutiques in the US carry her line. One person noted that at 6’1” it hit her perfectly without any additional length needed!

Casablanca Bridal

This is a line that makes each dress to order and is able to extend both the corset and skirt lengths.

David’s Bridal

Several people noted that many options allowed them to add up to 5” in extra length and for an affordable price.

Demetrios Bridal

One bride noted she found their gowns long enough to try on at 6’ without heels.

Dessy Brand

This was referenced as a great option for bridesmaids gowns, as they also allow up to 5” in extra length to be added.

Dorris Wedding

A few people noted they had success with this website. They advertise themselves as high quality dresses for cheap, but it’s worth noting that they are based in China so we are a little apprehensive to recommend this as an option. Nonetheless, it could be an avenue to look into to.

JJ’s House

Very affordable wedding gowns for purchase online.

Tara Keely Bridal Collection

Someone noted they added 5” to a gown to accommodate her 6’1” frame.

St. Patrick

A Spanish line that worked great for a woman who is 6’5”.

Pnina Tornai Bridal

The woman who recommended it said it was the perfect length on her 6’2” frame.

Zac Posen

At 5’11”, one follower noted she was able to even wear 3+” heels with her Zac Posen gown! (Line available through David’s Bridal).

Maggie Sottero

Multiple women recommended this line, including a 6’3” woman who noted she was able to add 5” extra to her gown.

Theia Couture

Trudy’s Brides

A boutique located in the Bay Area of California. Multiple people also recommended this shop!


Vera Wang

Watters & Wtoo Line

These were both given as recommendations a few times! One girl noted that at 5’11” her Watters gown had to have 3-4” inches removed from the hemline. WTOO is a line by Watters with more affordable options. We are confident that with the number of options noted above that every tall woman can find the wedding dress of her dreams! Do you have a suggestion not listed on this list? Send us a note and let us know!

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