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You all know the dilemma with jean shopping. Every clothing store carries jeans - some are high price points and some are fast fashion - but not all jean brands have tall girls in mind when making their denim styles. Aside from the main issue being that the jeans are never long enough, there are a lot of other components that are overlooked when creating the perfect fit for tall girls and women in basic jean body styles. 

This week we are launching two pairs of our best-selling Jackson Skinny Jeans and we are so excited about it!! The dark blue wash is a highly requested restock from a style that sold out almost instantly when launched last December, so we’re pumped to be bringing it back this fall! The other wash is a brand new medium blue rinse and it is to die for. Since this is a new rinse, you can imagine all the trials that went into perfecting this wash!  The new medium wash is truly the perfect shade of blue you can wear year-round and will be a great addition to your tall girl denim collection, especially when we start releasing more fall tops and jackets in a variety of colors. Last month we posted a blog that explained all the components behind the style of our jean shorts and what it took to make them perfect for tall girls. We received a lot of positive feedback from you all saying how helpful that post was, so we figured it was time to dissect the anatomy of our long inseam jeans!

The Jackson Skinny Jean

Tall shacket with long inseam Jackson Skinny jeans for tall girls- Amalli Talli
The Jackson Skinny Jean in medium wash- Amalli Talli

Front Rise + Back Rise 

When designing our signature Jackson Skinny Jean body, one of the most important elements was perfecting the rise of the jeans. The front rise deserves special attention in particular because our mid-rise jeans are a very comfortable 9.5” which is a great rise measurement for so many tall women. What other brands often label as mid-rise can hit at a very different spot on tall girls than on girls on average height - so trust us when we say, this is a true tall mid-fit you'll feel extra comfortable in. Also noteworthy and an often overlooked element of tall jeans is the back rise. Nobody loves that feeling of sitting down and feeling like your jeans are sinking with you, or having to constantly tug them up as you move throughout the day. Our back rise has also been adjusted for tall girls for a better fit and feel. Both our front and back rises are adjusted to proportionally hit at better places for maximum comfort. There are no standard measurements for what front and back rises should be for designing mid-rise jeans, especially for a tall fit, which is why we developed these fit measurements and proportions after a lot of sampling and testing on women of all heights and sizes. Assessing each wash and re-cut of the Jackson Skinny Jean this way leads to better comfort and easier to wear for your favorite denim. You never have to worry about constant adjusting when wearing our jeans - they'll feel like second skin!

The Jackson Skinny Jean in dark wash- Amalli Talli


Adjusted Scoop

If you are not familiar with what the 'scoop' of jeans is, it’s essentially how curved the front and back of the jean is that lays against your thigh. It’s literally one of the MOST crucial elements when it comes to the overall comfort of jeans, but few people realize this. Jeans that are designed without tall girls in mind will be easy to differentiate when you feel 'cut off' in the crotch, find yourself constantly pulling the jeans down or fixing a wedgie (if you know, you know). Figuring out how the scoop should lay can be MUCH more difficult than it seems like it should be. With that being said, as tall girls our proportions directly impact the shape of the scoop, and because our proportions are so widely different from the general market it's challenging for manufacturers to get it just right. We went through several fit samples to perfect this element, just because we know how essential it is. You'll be able to tell a huge difference -  the Jackson Skinny Jeans will be the MOST comfortable pair in your closet and feel like they were made for your body

The Jackson Skinny Jean in dark wash- Amalli Talli

The Washes + Aesthetic

We worked really hard with our manufacturer to make sure these have a really high quality look, feel and aesthetic. Every single detail of the wash had to be right. Even though the whiskering and the fading on the Jackson Skinny Jeans are minimal, this element has a fine line between making a pair of jeans look nice or a bit tacky. We love how ours have that vintage, worn-in look to them. The wash of the dark blue jeans is so classic and versatile - and can even be worn in professional settings, which is why this is wash was an instant best-seller. Similarly, we had a ton of requests from our customers who love the fit of the Jackson Skinny Jean asking us to take the same body but develop it in a brand new wash.  And that's where the brand new medium wash was born! It was super fun designing this new wash of the Jackson since this has been one of our most popular requests for quite some time now. We wanted to make sure the washes were exactly what we were envisioning based on customer feedback and our own trend forecasting, and that they are versatile washes that pair well with tops and jackets in our upcoming launches! We also know how important it is to get your money's worth out of a good pair of jeans, so we love that both of these washes are truly timeless and can be worn all-year round.

The Jackson Skinny Jean in medium wash- Amalli Talli

What Our Customers Are Saying

Tall girl jeans with long inseams- Amalli Talli
Jackson tall skinny jeans- Amalli Talli
Jeans for tall women 34" - 37" inseams- Amalli Talli
Long length jeans Jackson tall skinny jeans- Amalli Talli
Long inseam jeans for tall women- Amalli Talli

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