Why Tall Women Love Our Activewear

If you’re a girl in search of new tall activewear, you’ve probably resorted to a google search or two to see if you can find a better-fitting brand. There’s a good chance that your search pulled up some promising articles…but when you open them up, you’re disappointed to find that the only tall activewear options listed are from big box brands that you’ve already tried before. If you’re in search of a tall fit that’s better than ‘just OK’ – you’ve finally come to the right place!

Camo Print Tall Leggings Amalli Talli

Activewear is a category that Amy (6’4”) and I (Alli, 5’10”) have always struggled with ourselves. Even brands that promise tall activewear have tended to fall short for us (pun intended) – especially in leggings. Most big box brands that produce tall leggings tend to add extra inseam length without considering other necessary adjustments, like in the rise. That’s because they may not understand just how different (and exceptional) tall girls can be built – but we certainly do!

We launched our first tall activewear leggings in 2020, and the reviews spoke for themselves:

“These leggings are money, money, MONEY!!! Love them more than any leggings I’ve EVER had!!!”

“…the leggings fit perfectly and feel soooo quality (which was my biggest concern). They’re amazing!!! Thank you!”

“Literally the happiest I’ve ever been with a purchase. SO comfortable. SO LONG! So, SO cute. Have worn them 4 days in a row not exaggerating and not sorry. Great work, girls! Keep ‘em coming!”

With this type of feedback and encouragement, we recently launched some more new tall activewear pieces, and we hope to keep expanding our line in the future! One of the newest additions to our lineup are the ‘Essential Tall Athletic Leggings’. These leggings have also been getting amazing reviews - just scroll to the bottom to read the most up to date testimonials! Why do tall women love our activewear?

Here’s the reasons why:

Yep, that’s us! We are two tall sisters – Amy and Alli – who are, as mentioned above, 6’4” and 5’10”. We have long torsos, long limbs and long legs, so we fully understand the fit challenges that apply to all clothing. We can even relate to other “tall” lines not fitting completely correctly. I say that all to say… we design our tall activewear pieces with our fit challenges (and yours) in mind. Once the pieces are sampled, we also test them ourselves. We made sure that these lived up to our expectations! We did all the squats, lunges and chasing around after kids in them that we could to make sure that they not only fit well standing, but also stayed put moving and grooving!  

  • We give important measurements online to help you decide best fit.

Have you ever been duped by certain phrases or images used to help describe the fit online? I sure have! The best example of this, for me, is the phrase “high rise”. It is often used to describe leggings online, and the images always seem to reflect that they are indeed, a high rise – with the leggings hitting above the belly button, on the natural waist of the model(s). I’ve ordered from a brand so many times expecting the same type of fit on myself, only to find that on my long torso it looks completely different and hits well below my belly button. (If you want an example of this, you can check out our ‘LEGGINGS’ story highlight on our Instagram page). With my past experiences in mind, I now always search to see what the actual rise equates to – except few retailers ever list this information. That makes it difficult to shop because you never know how your own measurements compare to those of the models.  For that reason, we always list product measurements and model stats, and our customers find that this makes online shopping so much easier. Instead of creating generalized size charts for all of our products, we create size guides for each individual product so you can make an informed fit decision for yourself!

Essential Tall Athletic Legging in Spiced Cider - Amalli Talli

  • We use top of the line fabrics.

Our tall activewear line is developed using fabric sourced from the same fabric mills that other well-known athleisure lines use. These performance-based fabrics are supportive without being restrictive thanks to the four way stretch technology, have sweat wicking capabilities and are made from the best blends of fabrics that allow cool air to reach the skin.

  • We incorporate thoughtful details.

Our new ‘Essential Tall Athletic Leggings’ have functional side pockets on each side. Who doesn’t love pockets on their leggings? Name one person – we’ll wait. Not only is this great for storing your phone for workouts at the gym, but we’ve also found that these leggings make *the best* travel outfit – tuck your boarding pass and ID in them while waiting in the security line. For all you moms out there – they also make great snack holes 😉 Our other tall leggings incorporate inside hidden pockets that can store keys or other valuables while out for a walk or run.

  • Our price point.

Despite the fact that we use the same luxury fabrics as other athleisure brands, use more fabric for longer inseams, and incorporate thoughtful details… our tall athletic leggings are a fraction of the price of most leggings that you can shop for online. Coming in at $45, you can buy two of our ‘Essential Tall Athletic Leggings’ for the average price of one pair of leggings at other big box retailers. Also, if you’re new around here – YAY! You can sign up for our email list and save 15% off your first order with us! Click here to sign up.

Because of the higher rise and the four way stretch, our leggings make a great tall maternity option for any mama’s-to-be out there. We have had plenty of tall women wearing our leggings well into their second trimester! If you’ve been here before you know - it is so nice to find comfy options that aren’t just maternity specific so that you can continue to wear them after pregnancy and get the most out of your investment.

And if that’s not enough to convince you, here are some of recent testimonials from our customers about our tall activewear (you can also view our ‘Testimonials’ story highlight on our Instagram page):

“Bought your new essential leggings in grey & spiced cider and I’m IN LOVE!! I feel like they were made for me. The waist is SO comfy, and the pockets are perfect. Thank you for making leggings that actually go to my ankles!”

“Just got the new leggings….and I LOVE them! I’m going to have to start replacing all my poorly fitting leggings I’ve settled for in the past for yours that actually fit me”

“Got my spiced cider leggings and to say I love them is the understatement of the year… THANK YOU for bringing confidence and CUTNESS, length and joy to my closet every dang time!!!”

“It was an amazing workout with awesome leggings. My leggings were long enough without falling down and I absolutely loved the color. Thank you so much.”

“I just did 30 minutes of cardio, and didn’t have to pull at my pants ONCE!... so very excited all around. These are AWESOME!... I was ALWAYS pulling up my workout gear…. Didn’t really think properly fitting tall items existed. Thanks again for creating Amalli Talli!”

Essential Tall Athletic Legging in Heathered Grey - Amalli Talli

Wondering what workouts these tall leggings are best for? We think they are a fabulous pick for at home workouts, yoga, strength training, and more.

BONUS – we wanted to also share some quick tips + tricks on how to best take care of your tall activewear pieces to ensure they last as long as possible. Here’s our best advice:

  • When you get home from the gym or done with a workout, if you can’t immediately throw your pieces in the wash – hang them up to air dry before you throw them in a basket or hamper. Allowing damp clothing to dry at the bottom of a hamper or gym bag builds up layers of body soil and bacteria - and can even encourage mildew to grow.
  • Before you wash, turn your pieces inside out. This allows your washer better access to odor-causing bacteria caused by sweat. You want to focus on cleaning the parts of the fabric that are closest to your skin when working out.
  • Use a gentle detergent and avoid fabric softener. Too much detergent, or the wrong kind, can cause build-up on your garments- and fabric softener will coat your fabric and inhibit the moisture wicking capabilities.
  • Always use cold water and a gentle cycle when washing. Hot water and other cycles can damage the fibers of activewear.
  • Whenever possible, air dry your garments. Air drying helps to keep the stretch component of the fabric in top shape. If you have to tumble dry, use the lowest air setting possible to avoid further fabric deterioration.
  • Have a funky odor? Try soaking in or adding white vinegar to your wash cycle to remove persistent smells!

You can shop our tall activewear collection here.  Also, we’d love for you to connect with us here! Thanks so much for reading 😊- Alli

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