Shipping to Canada

Shipping Services

We ship to Canada through UPS Standard Service.* We will not be offering any other carriers or rates at this time. We have found that this option provides the best quality and highest level of service for our Canadian customers.

A phone number must be provided at checkout for UPS Standard Service. If a valid phone number is not provided, Amalli Talli will not be responsible for abandoned packages at customs and your order + shipping will not be refunded. 

Estimated Delivery Times

Ground packages are delivered to Canada in two to seven business days, depending on origin and destination. 

Shipping Costs

Cost of shipping is determined by weight and size of package as well as package destination. 

Brokerage Fees

To clear your shipment with customs, UPS charges a brokerage fee. Brokerage fees are not included in original shipping costs and will not be paid for or reimbursed by Amalli Talli. Brokerage rates are determined by the total value of your package in CAD. We partner with UPS to be able to provide the following flat discounted brokerage rates on all packages to Canada:

 Value of Goods (CAD$)
Brokerage Fee (USD$)
0 - 40
40.01 - 150 $5
150.01 - 750 $15
750.01 - 2,500 $45
2,500.01 + up $51.50


Brokerage rates apply to the UPS Standard shipping service selected at checkout. 

Bond Fees

For customer convenience and faster customs release, UPS will post a bond to allow shipments to be released in advance of payment of duties and taxes to the CSBA. Bond fees are not included in original shipping costs and will not be paid for or reimbursed by Amalli Talli. A fee of 2.7% of your package value, or a minimum $6 CAD will be charged in addition to the brokerage rates set above. 

Taxes and Duties

There may be additional taxes and duties administered by the Canadian government. Any taxes, duties or VAT charges are also not included in original shipping costs and will not be paid for or reimbursed by Amalli Talli. These charges vary by province. To estimate taxes and duties issued by the Canadian government, you can use an online calculator like this one here.

Tariffs vary depending on the country of manufacture, not the country from where the product is purchased from. NAFTA eliminates tariffs on all goods that are manufactured in the United States and shipped to Canada. You can determine where our products are manufactured on each individual product page; denoted by 'Made in USA' or 'Imported'. Unless our product pages specifically state USA as the manufacturer, please select 'elsewhere' when calculating taxes and duties owed. 

Requesting a Refund of Duties and Taxes Paid

If you return your item(s) for a refund, you may request on refund on any duties and taxes paid when initially receiving your shipment. This is solely the responsibility of the customer; Amalli Talli is not responsible for assistance in claiming a duties and/or tax refund from the CSBA. For more information on how to apply for a refund of duties and taxes, please visit this site here

Example of Charges Assessed:

A customer in Ontario buys $200 USD of product from our site. Here is a schedule of additional fees you can expect to pay when your package clears customs:

Canadian Customs/Duties: $83.79 CAD* (*estimated from online calculator above)

UPS Brokerage Fee: $15 USD // approximately $18.70 CAD** (**calculated on 7/29/2021)

UPS Bond Fee: $6.79 CAD

Estimated Total Invoice = $109.28 CAD (this is in addition to shipping fees assessed at checkout)

For all other FAQ regarding international deliveries, please click here.